Amateur Radio Operators periodically run "nets" on designated days and on pre-determined frequencies. The "nets" are typically oriented around a specific topic (eg. Emergency Traffic Handling, Disaster Scenarios, Digital Modes, etc.) The information below is placed here as a courtesy for Lucas County ARES members as well as other Amateurs that may find this information relevant.  If you have questions, please contact the Net Manager.

Each Month on the First Friday, the Lucas County Skywarn Training Net is held at 11:30am on the 147.270.
All ham radio operators from ANY county that can hit the repeater are welcome to check-in to the net.

You can get more information by subscribing to the following email group.
You may also be insterested in the following resources.
National Weather Service Skywarn Page
Lucas County Siren Status
Lucas County Siren and Davis Besse Map
Detailed Siren Listing in PDF Form (Lucas County EMA)
Lucas County Skywarn Meetings
SKYWARN Net Preamble and Script

Please note that this is a training net!  All hams can and should become familiar with Net Control operations. Please contact the Net Manager to get your name on the list to become a net control - as it is a perfect forum to train as a net controller. In Northwest Ohio during severe weather, the National Weather Service is actively looking for our feedback. This net is designed to help you become comfortable in running a net in a severe weather type of situation with several check-ins.

If you have questions or need assistance, please seek out a local group (such as the Toledo Mobile Radio Association) and Elmers will be glad to assist new amateurs with procedures or equipment.